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A Buyer's Realty

A Buyer’s Realty is designed to work only for and with buyers.
There is no up front charges to the buyers.
We represent " you " ( buyers ), and all phases of the transaction.
All information is now available to the buyers.

serve the needs of the buyer.
To: provide quality information allowing the buyer to be as informed as possible before making the decision to purchase.
To: negotiate in the buyer’s best interest, while maintaining a spirit of cooperation
within the real estate community.
To: honor the confidentiality of the buyer , and to insure all the interests of the
buyer are fully protected.
To: negotiate the best possible price for the buyer.
Confidentiality, and protecting our Buyer’s interests, are strongly adhered to.
Isn’t it time the Buyer had someone who works solely for them?
For more info email us: brwsatx@sbcglobal.net

Toll free 1 -800 - 583 - 9370      FAX  210 - 946 - 7500



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